Our Locations


All CSDS events, unless otherwise noted, are held in Ida Noyes Hall on the University of Chicago campus in Hyde Park. The address is 1212 E. 59th St., 60637 at the corner of Woodlawn Ave. Ida Noyes appears on this campus map.

At Google Maps you can find directions for car or public transit. Some public transit ceases running near midnight; you may want to check the websites for the CTA or the Metra.

Inside Ida Noyes:


Go up the main stairs to the third floor, and the room is on the right. The elevator also goes up to the third floor.

Cloister Club:

On the ground floor, the room is on the right as you enter from 59th Street.


On the ground floor, look to the left (past the main stairs) as you enter from 59th Street. The room is past the carpeted area, and it does not look like a library.

Dance Room:

This room is in the basement. The stairs going down are behind the main stairs going up. Once downstairs, look to the left, by the women's bathroom. The dance room is somewhat hidden. You will have to take off your street shoes, to protect the dance studio floor.

East Lounge and West Lounge:

These rooms are on the second floor at opposite ends of the hallway.


In Ida Noyes, there is a drinking fountain on the ground floor, and toilets are in the basement and on the second floor.