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Java Jive moved to Sunday this Week

Due to scheduling conflicts with the Office of Event Services, the Java Jive this week is now Sunday, February 17. The lesson will be from 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM and dance from 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

New Classes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays!

This coming week, we'll be starting four classes:

On Tuesdays, starting the 29th, with Jeff Sterner, we'll be offering Blues dancing from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM at Ida Noyes Hall, Library Lounge. Blues dance is my personal favorite; there's little in the way of a basic step. It's very improvisational, very fluid, and great fun.

Then, from 9:00 to 10:00 PM, there will be Lindy Hop, which is a more advanced form of swing dance; it's quite fast, and very athletic. This is the swing dancing from the movies, and it's as fun as it looks, so come check it out!

On Wednesdays, starting the 30th, with Noel Hipona and Sara Louise Dawson, we'll be offering Beginning Swing--it's classic, not hard to learn, and versatile with lots of room for improvisation. The class will go from from 8:00 to 9:00 PM. Then, we have Balboa from 9:00 to 10:00 PM. It's a really fun and interesting dance, if you like employing fancy footwork, this is the perfect dance for you. If not, it's still a very different experience from East Coast swing and Blues, so this is a good chance to learn a completely new swing style, that can be danced to very similar music to east coast.

All classes are $15 for students (Bring ID) and $20 for nonstudents. A great deal any way you cut it.

End of Autumn Quarter


Thanks everyone for making the Autumn quarter a great one for the Chicago Swing Dance Society. We've had some of the best attendance at Java Jives that we can remember, and we're going to keep that momentum going in the winter!
Since it's final exams week, and then winter break, we won't be back until the beginning of January--there will be a live band somewhere in the first couple of weeks so stay tuned for CSDS news, and happy holidays!

Thanksgiving, no Java Jive


Happy thanksgiving everybody!
There won't be a Java Jive tonight due to thanksgiving. We'll be back the 30th!

Speakeasy for Change


Our friends with the Uncommon Fund are having a 20's themed party calledSpeakeasy for Change from 7:30 to 10:30 on the first floor of Ida Noyes, which includes dancing!
Tickets are $10 and proceeds go to building a school and facilities in Cambodia to help combat the widespread practise of human trafficking in the region. Indeed, it's a global problem; there are more slaves today than there ever have been. You should go! We're discussing bringing in a dance instructor to kick things off with these guys. We'll keep you all posted!

Blues n Ribs at Uchicago! No JB

Just as it says up there. Come to blues n ribs at 9:30 for the lesson with Jeff Sterner, dancing runs from 10:30 to 1:00 AM! At Ida Noyes, same place as the Java Jive.

Coming Attractions: Petra this Friday


Petra's Recession Seven will be performing for our first live dance of the year in the Ida Noyes 3rd Floor Theater on Friday! See the post below for details!



Due to unforeseen circumstances we had to reschedule our dance from this coming Friday to the next one, so it's now October 12! Tell everybody, and invite your friends! Petra's Recession Seven are coming to play for us! If you came to our outdoor dance last Spring, you're already familiar with her mellifluous singing and the excellent musicians playing alongside. If not, you should check out some of the recordings and be prepared for a great new experience! Before the dance, we'll be having two lessons simultaneously: one for beginners and one for more intermediate dancers. I'll update with the names of the instructors once I've got confirmation from them. Here's some details below...

Place: Ida Noyes Hall, 1212 E. 59th St.
Lesson Time: 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Dance Time:9:00 PM - Midnight
Tickets: $10 for non-students, $5 for students (bring ID!)

Welcome, class of 2016, New Members Welcome! Let's dance to live music on Friday!


The summer's over and between the CSDS, our friends in the BLDA, Summer Dance, and the many other dance venues across Chicago, I think we can all agree that it was a good one. Now we have the school year in mind. And are we prepared! The Chicago Swing Dance Society would like to welcome the incoming class of students, and wish upon you all a great four years, full of scholarship and dance. If there are any Uchicago students, including graduate students, interested in becoming a member of our board (benefits include free classes, admissions to dances, bragging rights), please contact one of the board members! We'll be happy to have you.

Autumn Kickoff Dance!

We will be hosting our first dance of the year on Friday, October 5th. We always try to start a quarter with a bang, and the year doubly so. This dance is going to be a doozy so mark your calendars and ATTEND this one! Barring any unforseen circumstances, there will be a live band that day! There will be a low door fee. Here's some details...

Band: John Burnett Orchestra (17 piece big band)
Place: International House, Assembly Hall
Lesson: 6:00PM - 7:00 PM
Dancing: 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

See you all there!

Summer Java Jives off to Late Start - First one July 20th!


Due to renovations across campus and a relatively low number of board members present this summer, we have been behind on starting up the summer Java Jives. We are very sorry, BUT Java Jives will begin next Friday, July 20th! Instead of having a separate lesson at 8:00 and dancing from 9:00 onward, we will start the dancing at 8:00! Our board members will be instructing a class from 8:00 to 9:00 and will instruct anybody who wants it at any time during the dance.
Let's have a lot of dancers next Friday! The weather's cooling off, and I'm sure everyone's feet are itchy.

Baby, It's No Longer Cold Outside Dance Featuring Petra's Recession Seven


It has been a long spring, but I tell you now, there is light at the end of the tunnel. It is (finally) getting warmer out. The sun is setting later, and the trees are in full bloom. The quarter is almost over, and everyone is looking forward to a wonderful summer ahead.

However, before you leave, we want to celebrate another great school year at the University of Chicago by giving you a special treat!

On Saturday, May 26th, from 2-5 PM, the Chicago Swing Dance Society will be holding a FREE swing dance with a LIVE BAND and FREE FOOD!!!!!!

You are probably thinking this sound too good to be true. Yes, it does. But it is not.

Petra's Recession Seven will be playing for us on the Hutchinson Courtyard, and we want you to join us! Petra van Nuis put together some of the Midwest's most experienced jazz musicians during the Great Recession of 2008 to remind people of what brought everyone a little bit of joy during the Great Depression: big band jazz music. They have played together all over the Midwest, and independently they have played with countless accompanists all over the world, dating back to 1958!

The WHERE: Hutchinson Courtyard, which is behind Hutchinson Commons (5706 S University Ave, Chicago, IL, 60637 and Mandel Hall), where the fountain is in the northeast part of the quad.
The square is surrounded by the ivy-covered neo-Gothic style architecture that is archetypal of the University of Chicago. It is a beautiful little spot in the heart of campus.

Saturday, May 26th, 2012
2-5 PM

We are super excited to host you, and we really hope you can come!

Second Session of Classes and Outdoor Dance with Petra's Recession Seven on May 26


We have two great things coming up: new classes and an outdoor dance at 2:00 to 5:00 PM Saturday, May 26 featuring Petra's Recession Seven! Check them out!
The dance will be held in the Hutchinson Courtyard! This event will be completely free, and the band is great. It will also be catered, with plenty of snacks, fruit, vegetables, hot and cold drinks, and even cake and ice cream!


We'll be having on Tuesdays, Swing I (8:00 PM) for beginners and Swing II (9:00 PM) for intermediate dancers with Noel Hipona and Rachael Fromkin! If you've taken beginning east coast once already but feel like a beginner, why not take both classes?

On Wednesdays, We'll have Lindy Hop (8:00 PM) and Tandem (Partner) Charleston (9:00 PM) with Jeff Sterner!
Remember, every instance of our classes is different, so retaking a class if you feel shaky or rusty, or just want to learn material, is a great idea! review is good, learning new things is even better!
Pricing will be the same as last time.

UPDATE ON: First Spring Dance Event and New Classes!


UPDATE! We now have an intermediate class!
On Friday, April 13, the John Burnett Orchestra is returning to Uchicago!
You should remember John Burnett from the Winter Kickoff dance--everyone had a great time. It worked out so well for everyone involved that he's coming back to play again on April 13th! We'll have dancing from 9:00 PM to Midnight, and a lesson for beginners from 8:00 to 9:00 taught by Steven Lucy and Hannah Maier. Don't miss out on this one, and invite all your friends!
Tickets will be $10, or $7 with University of Chicago or DePaul ID. There will also be an intermediate lesson taught by Jeff and Liz!

If you haven't invited all your friends yet, do it now!

CLASSES! Starting next Tuesday, we will hold lessons the following lessons:
On Tuesdays we'll be holding Intermediate at 8:00 - 9:00 PM and Beginning 9:00 - 10:00 East Coast Swing taught by Jeff and Liz. Four classes weekly, and they will cost $20 for the whole package or $6 each. With a UChicago ID, it will be $15 total or $4 each.
On Wednesdays, there will be Beginning Lindy Hop--that requires you have some dance experience--at 8:00 - 9:00 PM and Blues Dancing 9:00 - 10:00 taught by Noel Hipona! Prices are the same as above.

Hope to see you all on the dance floor!

Valentines Day Dance, and New Classes Updated!


Valentines Day Dance! (Live band!) UPDATE
Update: I said Saturday, it's actually Friday.
Friday, February 17th, we will be hosting a special Valentine's Day weekend dace, with live music by the Fat Babies!
This should be a really good one, ladies and gentlemen. Bring a sweetheart if you can, and look forward to a great dance.
Ticket prices are $10 without University of Chicago ID, $7 with

The classes for this quarter have been updated! Check it out! We'll have intermediate East Coast Swing and West Coast Swing on Tuesdays with Jeff and Liz, and Blues and Balboa on Wednesdays with Noel! Check out the WEEKLY EVENTS page for more information!

Winter Kickoff Dance Friday Jan. 6


We will be hosting this year's first dance with a live big band, the John Burnett Orchestra! We will be in the Ida Noyes Cloister Club, with a lesson from 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM for beginners and then dancing from 9:00 to Midnight. Check out the Facebook event page
Hope to see everybody there! Also we have a new Facebook page up, where you can keep track of us more easily: http://www.facebook.com/groups/ucswing/

Wednesday night classes and Halloween Java Jive!


Our Wednesday night classes begin this Wednesday, Oct. 19! Sara Cherney and Bob Bednarz are going to teach Lindy Hop at 8-9pm and Blues 9-10pm. These two are some of the best instructors in Chicago, so be sure to check it out!
The Halloween Java Jive will be Friday, October 28. There WILL be a costume contest, candy, and, as always, excellent music.

New classes just started, more coming!


We're glad to be up and running for another year of swing! Despite some scheduling hiccups, we're now running on all cylinders.
Beginning East Coast Swing and Beginning West Coast Swing are Tuesday night, 8:00 - 9:00 PM and 9:00 to 10:00 PM respectively! They started this week, but if you missed the first lesson, don't worry, you can still join in!
We WILL be starting two wednesday night classes this coming week, one being Lindy Hop. Stay tuned; we'll know by tomorrow WHO is teaching and WHAT the second class will be!

Ida's House next weekend!


We're excited for Ida's House next weekend!
1.) Registration for Ida's House is closing Wednesday May 11th -- get yourself registered before it's too late to get in on the deal.
2.) Take a look at the Ida's House t-shirts. Your full weekend pass includes all four events plus this t-shirt. Oh the snazziness.
3.) For the masquerade ball on Saturday, we will have 60 fabric masks (silver ones and gold ones) on sale for $2 at the door, first come first serve. Can't have anybody know who you are!

Spring Classes


Classes are posted. This quarter we will have a single class session of six classes. The first class is free! We're not completely sure about our room reservations, though, so look carefully for the times and places of the classes.

Ida's House of Lindy and Blues 2011


We've scheduled Ida's House of Lindy and Blues dance weekend for May 14 and 15 this year, including a masquerade ball! You can buy a weekend pass up until three days before the event.

Winter Classes Session II


We've finally figured out the class schedule for the second class session, which starts next week. Hope to see you there!



Because of the impending blizzard, we have decided to reschedule this week's classes (today's and tomorrow's) to the corresponding time/place next week.

Winter Beginning Swing


Yes! Joe Herbert will teach Beginning Swing on Tuesdays at 9pm.

Winter Classes


Our class schedule is up! We have 4-week sessions of Balboa (Annie Warnick and Molly Stoltz), Continuing Lindy Hop (Jeff Sterner and Elizabeth Tuazon), and Beginning Lindy Hop (Jeff Sterner and Elizabeth Tuazon). If we can find a teacher, we may also offer Beginning Swing.

Winter Java Jives


We've received our preliminary room reservations for Winter Quarter. Many of our Java Jives will be in the Ida Noyes Library, as indicated on the calendar. (Sorry if the calendar is displaying oddly. The Java Jives will be on Fridays as usual.) We will update the calendar as rooms open up for the remaining Java Jives.

Halloween Java Jive


This year, our annual Halloween Java Jive will be Friday, October 29th. The Solomon Douglas Swingtet will be playing live from 9pm to midnight in the Third Floor Theatre of Ida Noyes. The cost is $5 with any student ID or $10 for non-students. The event will include a beginning swing lesson from 8 to 9, and a costume contest with cash prize.

See the Halloween Java Jive Facebook event.

Fall Classes


Welcome back to school! This fall we are offering one five-week class session. There are four levels available. See the Weekly Events page for the class schedule. If you're a beginner, also check out the free beginner's lesson at Java Jive.

Thursday Java Jive Now on Friday


This week's Java Jive has been rescheduled for Friday, September 24, instead of the previous day. It will be in the Library of Ida Noyes.

Summer Java Jive

Thanks everyone for coming to Java Jive this year and supporting CSDS events. We hope you will return in the fall, when school starts again. Please stay tuned for summer Java Jive announcements through the listhost.

In the mean time, summer Java Jive is happening! The dates are 8/6, 8/13, 8/20, 8/27, 9/3, 9/10, 9/17 and 9/24 (not 9/23). As usual, beginner's lesson from 8-9pm. Dancing with live DJ 9pm-12. See you there!

Special Event: Ida's House of
Lindy and Blues

See our photos page for videos of the contest finals.

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