Java Jive Code of Conduct

General Guidelines

Our goal as a club is to ensure that our social dances and lessons are safe spaces for everyone. Discriminatory behavior is considered an offense; anyone, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, or ability is welcome at our events. Moreover, any form of harassment (such as stalking, unwanted physical contact, invasive conversation) on and beyond the dance floor is a direct violation of our club and the university’s Policy on Harassment, Discrimination, and Sexual Misconduct. In alignment with university regulations, we do not permit alcohol, drugs, smoking, or firearms at our events.

As a registered student organization on campus, we reserve the right to ban offenders from our events at any time. Event participants are required to comply with requests from the organizers.

Social Dance Etiquette

1. Dancing with a partner.

a. Do not attempt moves that make your partner feel uncomfortable; let them know if they are making you feel this way!
b. If your partner does not want to dance in close embrace or do a dip, respect their decision.
c. For safety reasons, aerials are not allowed on the dance floor.

2. Safety on the dance floor.

a. Floor craft: be aware of the space and people around you when you are dancing so that others do not get hurt.
b. If you bump into someone, check to see whether they are okay and apologize.

3. Accepting and declining dances.

a. You can ask anyone to dance, regardless of whether you are a lead, follower, beginner, or advanced dancer.
b. Avoid consecutive dances with the same partner unless they are okay with it—dancing with different people is what makes swing dancing a social dance, anyway!
c. It is perfectly okay to decline a dance!
d. If someone says no to you, respect their decision. They might be tired, dislike the song, or simply do not want to dance with you; all are valid reasons.

If you notice or experience inappropriate conduct, please report it to a board member. Violating any of these rules risks suspension from CSDS. Finally, please note that your photo may be taken and used for promotional purposes at our events. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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